Hi There, welcome to The Station Hotel.  The Station Hotel at www.thestationhotel.co.uk isn’t a real hotel.  What is it then?…  The Station Hotel is a demo website of what you could own for ONLY £199.99 complete with your own (www) website address.

Yes, for under two hundred pounds, you could own a completely operational website that you can use to promote your accommodation business, whether it’s a hotel, guest house, self catering, camp site or any other type of accommodation business, you could have a completely manageable website for about the price of a daily newspaper.

Please note: The images contained on this website are not produced by our professional photographers, they were downloaded from: Stock.XCHNG which is a website offering free to use images and is now owned by Getty Images. http://www.sxc.hu/ The images used were produced by amateur photographers and hopefully demonstrate what can be achieved without owning very expensive equipment.

Our professional photographers produce images of an exceptionally high standard using the highest quality equipment including best spec DSLR cameras and lighting equipment where needed.

Can I manage the site content live?
Oh yes, your website will have the ability to change all of the content, directly from a simple to use content management system, all the changes you make are instantly online.  It can include a choice of availability or online booking systems, it’s up to you!  There’s a booking or enquiry form for potential customers to contact you, it really is the complete system.

Why is this so cheap?
Simple enough, we make a profit from doing this.

How does this work and how do you make money?
By utilising and bringing together the very best of ‘Open Source’ applications available online, we can produce for you a completely professional package which will work for you, your business and your clients.

We have developed the Open Source software produced by WordPress, chopped out all the bits that we don’t need, added in the bits we do that weren’t there already – the end result is a professional looking website that we can have up and running for you in less than a day.

I’m not happy producing my own photos – can you do this?
Yes, we can provide you with a completely professional photography service.  We will be happy to discuss this with you.

Is there anything else included?
Oh yes: Included in the deal is a free email address, plus a vigorous support system too.

Although the back end of the admin area is very user friendly, we will be there to help and advise on any questions you have or any problems you encounter.

We provide several levels of support that include helping you become completely proficient at managing the content of your own website.  In no time at all you’ll be adding new text, uploading images and deleting out of date content.  Our support is provided via your very own online support area so that you can ask questions 24/7/365.  When your questions are answered, they are kept in your support area for future reference.  And it doesn’t stop there, we can provide live online assistance to you via remote access to your website or your PC or Mac.  Email and telephone support are also available on request.

What do I actually get?
What you actually get is a completely ready to go website complete with up to 12 pages that you specify – set up and ready for you to add your own text and images… plus all the support you will need to own a great looking website.  This website is a typical example of the average size of a website for small hotels, guest houses and self catering accommodation.

Can we change the header?
Yes, you can use a photo, or a logo which you already have, or we can design something for just you at a very reasonable fee.

Can we have something made just for us?
Yes we will be delighted to listen to your requirements and design something just for you.

Are there any ongoing costs?
Yes, you will need to pay a small annual fee to maintain your online presence.  Your website hosting (the server where your website lives) and the domain name (your www.name) will need regular renewals, this is quite normal.

I have some questions – how do I get in touch?
The best way is to send your questions to us in an email using the contacting us link above.  The link leads to a page with a form, please complete the form and we’ll get back to you with your questions answered.